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Today I decided to convert velcro to snaps on my daughter’s cloth diapers!

This is the diaper before… Notice the very worn out velcro.  It doesn’t even stick anymore! I had to do something ….

On my last trip to Joann’s Fabric I found this Babyville Snap Plier Kit.

Now the fun part… Making snaps! First make a hole in the desired spot…

Then, assemble the snap into the hole you just made… and use the pliers to press the snap and set it in place… DONE! Easy.

I wanted the diapers to be adjustable so I used quite a few snaps.  Here is what the diaper looked like when I was finished. (I wanted to post a picture of SkyLynn wearing her new and improved diapers…but she is asleep for the night so I will have to update later!)

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