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Hello again!

The snow has finally made its way to Kansas.  This has been such a mild winter.  I wasn’t sure we were even going to get any snow.  Now that it is here I am so excited.  The kids are excited too…but unfortunately, there isn’t really enough to play in.  So instead we are inside drinking Nutella HotChocolate! (thank you Pinterest for the idea)

On with the project!  A while back I grabbed a frame out of my neighbor’s trash.  I love it when people throw things away!  Anyway, the frame was pretty, it has a broken mirror, and was painted a tacky gold color.  (I forgot to take a picture of it at this stage.)

The frame sat in the basement for a while.  I finally decided to spray it white…and this is what it looked like.

Pretty, right?! Well, I still wanted to do more with it.  I thought about changing the color to silver…No.  I finally decided that I wanted to bring out all of the detail that was hidden by the flat color.  So I grabbed some antique glaze from Lowes & a junky old paint brush.  I started by jabbing the brush into every nook & cranny. (You really do have to jab the brush..that is why I recommend using a junky brush.)

Then you wipe away as much as you want! You can play with this. For a very dramatic look you can leave most of the glaze… or you can wipe away almost all of it.

This is what my final project looked like.  I could not be happier. I love this piece!  …. Now, the BIG secret…. It’s plastic! Would you have guessed?

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