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I have been struggling with toy storage in my step-daughter’s room for way too long. We started with little baskets that fit perfectly into a shelving unit. But this didn’t work because the baskets were too small for some of her bigger toys. Then we got an armoire and had to move the shelving unit out of her room completely. This left us with little baskets stacked in the corner. (clutter!)

Then, two weeks ago my husband came home with this trunk. He loved it because it looked worn and rugged without me doing any distressing. But the thing is huge! I couldn’t decide if it would fit in the bedroom or if I should use it as a coffee table/blanket storage in the living room.

When Jordis came home from school and saw it her reaction made the decision for me. She said “that is so cool, are you going to paint it? Can I have it?!” I told her I was thinking of using it in her room as a toy chest. She assured me that this was a great idea.

This left me with the question… Should I paint it? Or leave it chippy & rugged?
I finally decided that since the husband bought it because he liked the way it looked, I would leave it alone…(for now!)

Before I could move it upstairs I had to clean it up. As I was cleaning I realized that the paint was really chipping. Although it looked cool, I couldn’t have paint chips on the floor for the baby to eat.

I went out and bought some MinWax Polycrylic. This stuff is awesome. It dries clear and never yellows so you can even use it on white pieces. I use it on pieces that need a very durable finish. If you remember I used it on the high chair.

Turns out it also gives a nice top coat to chippy paint! Two coats later and the trunk still looks great.. But now, the paint isn’t chipping off!

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